Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl and Rosary Ministry
The Prayer Shawl and Rosary Ministry combines the love of knitting, crocheting and rosary making into a prayerful work that reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace.  Each item is blessed three times — 1st by the crafter as it is made, 2nd by the ministry as a group, and 3rd by our Pastor or Deacon — before it is given to your loved one.  The ministry meets at the Parish Center (9:00 – 11:00 am) on the First Friday of most month.  During meetings, we pray, work, share ideas and socialize.  Donations of yarn (full skeins only, please) needles and medium-sized gift bags are always gratefully accepted.  The individual who makes our rosaries will attempt to repair damaged/broken rosaries upon request.


Join them March 4th, from 9-11 at the Parish Center.  All are welcome.